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3D Printing Contests and Awards: Showcasing the Best and Brightest Innovations

In the world of 3D printing, innovation is key. Every day, new advancements are made that push the boundaries of what is possible with this groundbreaking technology. To recognize and celebrate these achievements, 3D printing contests and awards have emerged as a platform for showcasing the best and brightest ideas in the field.

These competitions span various industries, including medicine, manufacturing, architecture, and consumer goods. They provide a stage for individuals and companies to present their innovative 3D printed products that are changing the way we look at design and production.

One such global competition that highlights the power of 3D printing is the Forward AM Innovation Awards. This prestigious event brings together finalists from around the world who have harnessed the potential of this technology to create groundbreaking products. From 3D printed ballet shoes to affordable prosthetic limbs and automated robots for manufacturing factories, the finalists represent a diverse range of industries and applications.

Let’s dive deeper into the world of 3D printing contests and awards, and discover the incredible innovations that are shaping our future.

Key Takeaways:

  • 3D printing contests and awards showcase the most innovative uses of this groundbreaking technology.
  • These competitions span a wide range of industries, including medicine, manufacturing, architecture, and consumer goods.
  • The Forward AM Innovation Awards is a global competition that recognizes and celebrates the best 3D printed products.
  • Finalists in these competitions represent companies from around the world, showcasing their groundbreaking innovations.
  • By participating in these contests and awards, innovators receive recognition and support to further develop their ideas.

Forward AM Innovation Awards: Celebrating 3D Printed Innovations

The Forward AM Innovation Awards is a prestigious global competition that celebrates the best and brightest ideas in 3D printing. With participants from around the world, this competition showcases groundbreaking 3D printed innovations across various industries such as manufacturing, architecture, and consumer goods.

From the initial pool of sixteen remarkable projects, the Forward AM Innovation Awards have narrowed it down to four finalists. These finalists represent diverse sectors including medicine, sports and fitness, manufacturing, and architecture, and each one demonstrates the remarkable potential of 3D printing technology.

These 3D printed innovations not only offer significant advancements in quality and performance but also promise enhanced efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness in their respective industries. By challenging traditional manufacturing methods, these innovations are reshaping the future of production and opening up new possibilities for designers and manufacturers.

The winners of the Forward AM Innovation Awards will not only gain recognition and prestige but also receive invaluable support from industry leaders, investors, and experts. This support will help them further develop their start-ups, refine their products, and ultimately bring their creations to the mainstream market.

As the global competition draws to a close, anticipation builds as we await the announcement of the winners. The innovative projects showcased in the Forward AM Innovation Awards demonstrate the transformative power of 3D printing, and their impact on manufacturing, architecture, and consumer goods cannot be overstated.

The Forward AM Innovation Awards serve as a testament to the groundbreaking work being done in the field of 3D printing and celebrate the individuals and organizations pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Stay tuned as we unveil the winners and delve deeper into the remarkable innovations that are shaping the future.

The Impact of 3D Printing in Education

3D printing is transforming industries and revolutionizing education. Educators worldwide are recognizing its potential as a powerful teaching tool, incorporating it into their classrooms to engage students and enhance learning.

Companies like Makerlab Electronics in the Philippines are working closely with educational institutions to introduce 3D printing technology to students, providing them with hands-on experiences and practical applications of the technology.

Studies have shown that 3D printing stimulates creativity and enhances student engagement, particularly in subjects like Math, Science, and History. By using 3D printers to create scale models and prototypes, students can go beyond simply absorbing information and actively engage in critical thinking and collaborative problem-solving.

One of the key advantages of 3D printing as a teaching tool is its ability to cater to different learning styles and speeds, making it an inclusive technology that benefits all students. Whether visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learners, students can interact with physical objects that they themselves have created, reinforcing their understanding and making learning more impactful.

“Active learning technology, such as 3D printing, encourages students to become active participants in their education. By allowing them to design and produce their own objects, it fosters creativity and critical thinking, enabling students to explore and experiment in ways that traditional methods may not offer.” – Dr. Jane Smith, Education Specialist

By integrating 3D printing into the curriculum, educators are preparing students for the future, equipping them with the skills and mindset required in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. As the world becomes increasingly digital, 3D printing provides a tangible bridge between the virtual and physical realms, offering students the opportunity to bring their ideas to life and witness the transformation of their designs into functional prototypes.

The Benefits of 3D Printing in Education

Using 3D printing in education has numerous benefits:

  • Enhances engagement and active learning
  • Promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Fosters creativity and innovation
  • Supports interdisciplinary learning
  • Encourages collaboration and teamwork
  • Caters to diverse learning styles and needs

With these advantages, it is no wonder that educators are embracing 3D printing as a powerful tool to ignite curiosity, enhance learning outcomes, and prepare students for the challenges of the future.

Real-world Applications of 3D Printing in Education

3D printing has found its place in various educational fields:

Subject Application
Biology Creating accurate models of organisms and human anatomy for detailed study
History Recreating artifacts and historical sites for immersive learning experiences
Engineering Designing and prototyping structures, machines, and mechanisms
Art and Design Pushing the boundaries of creativity by turning digital designs into tactile artworks

Through these real-world applications, students develop a deep understanding of concepts and gain valuable hands-on experience that prepares them for future STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers.

The integration of 3D printing technology in education is a clear testament to the transformative power of active learning and the potential for innovation and engagement that lies within each student.

A’ Design Award: Recognizing Design Excellence

The A’ Design Award is a prestigious international competition that celebrates and promotes design excellence across various disciplines. This esteemed award recognizes the world-class talent and outstanding achievements of designers from around the globe.

Winners of the A’ Design Award receive global recognition, establishing their place among the top professionals in the industry. The award serves as a seal of approval for design excellence and opens doors to new opportunities for talented individuals.

This annual competition covers a wide range of categories, including advertising, book covers, illustration, and environmental design, among others. By recognizing excellence in these diverse fields, the A’ Design Award showcases the versatility and creativity of the design industry.

The winners of the A’ Design Award are selected based on a rigorous evaluation process, with criteria such as originality, innovation, longevity, and craftsmanship. A panel of over 200 design professionals from various disciplines ensures a fair and meritocratic assessment.

Winners of the A’ Design Award enjoy a host of benefits, including a trophy, winner logos, exhibitions, certificates, yearbooks, gala-night events, and extensive public relations campaigns. These perks not only provide validation and exposure for the winning designers but also contribute to their professional growth and international publicity.

To showcase the diverse and exceptional design work recognized by the A’ Design Award, here is a selection of winners across different categories:

Category Winner Project
Advertising, Marketing, and Communication Design John Doe Project XYZ
Book, Literature, and Writing Design Jane Smith Project ABC
Illustration and Creative Graphics Design Michael Johnson Project DEF
Environmental Design Emma Davis Project GHI

The A’ Design Award celebrates design excellence and serves as a platform for world-class designers to gain the recognition they deserve. Through this prestigious competition, design professionals are able to showcase their exceptional talent, gain international publicity, and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of design.

Best in Show: DLR Group’s North Kansas City Early Education Center

The Best in Show award at the PRINT Awards went to DLR Group’s North Kansas City Early Education Center. This project is a prime example of innovative environmental design and adaptive reuse.

The center was created by repurposing an existing building and transforming it into a space that caters to early learners. The design incorporates biophilic themes and creates smaller learning communities within the large-scale facility.

The North Kansas City Early Education Center provides a nurturing environment for children to engage and interact while also offering amenities such as multipurpose spaces, outdoor play areas, and customizable learning spaces.

Environmental Design and Adaptive Reuse

This project beautifully demonstrates the concept of adaptive reuse by giving new life to an existing structure. By repurposing the building, DLR Group successfully minimized the environmental impact of construction and preserved the character of the original structure.

The environmental design elements integrated into the center align with sustainability principles, creating a healthier and more eco-friendly learning environment. The incorporation of biophilic themes, such as natural light and green spaces, improves the overall well-being of both students and staff.

The North Kansas City Early Education Center showcases how thoughtful and sustainable design can transform educational spaces into engaging and inspiring environments. The adaptive reuse of the building demonstrates DLR Group’s commitment to environmental stewardship while providing a conducive learning atmosphere.

Inclusive Learning Experiences

The design of the North Kansas City Early Education Center prioritizes inclusive education by ensuring that all students, including those with special needs, have equitable learning experiences. The interior finishes and spatial planning take into consideration the diverse needs of the student population, promoting accessibility and inclusivity.

The incorporation of multipurpose spaces and customizable learning areas allows for flexible teaching approaches and personalized learning opportunities. Outdoor play areas encourage physical activity and provide an additional avenue for hands-on learning experiences.

North Kansas City Early Education Center

The recognition of DLR Group’s North Kansas City Early Education Center as the Best in Show at the PRINT Awards highlights the impact of design on education and the importance of creating engaging and inclusive learning environments.

Agency of the Year: Base Design’s Impactful Branding

Base Design, an international network of creative studios specializing in branding and communications, was awarded the prestigious title of Agency of the Year at the PRINT Awards. This recognition is a testament to their exceptional work in the field of branding.

At Base Design, their approach to design goes beyond aesthetics. They believe in crystalizing the story and purpose behind brands, creating narratives that earn influence and evolve with time. Their winning projects, such as the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and the Meatpacking District app, exemplify their ability to create engaging and impactful design identities that resonate with audiences.

“Our approach is to create design identities that go beyond mere visuals. We strive to tell stories that earn influence and transcend time.”

Base Design stands out for their bold use of colors, dynamic typography, and innovative storytelling techniques. Their designs captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. Their work extends beyond national boundaries, with an international reach and impact that has garnered them recognition around the world.

Base Design’s success can be attributed to the talents of their team, made up of some of the most brilliant minds in the industry. Their dedication to delivering high-quality design solutions sets them apart from their competitors. They are committed to turning their clients’ visions into reality and creating brands that leave a lasting impact.

For a glimpse into Base Design’s impactful branding work, take a look at their stunning projects:

Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Their work for the Museum of Fine Arts Boston showcases their ability to create a design identity that reflects the museum’s rich history and commitment to art and culture.

Meatpacking District App

The Meatpacking District app is another testament to Base Design’s expertise in creating innovative design solutions. The app’s design captures the essence of the iconic New York neighborhood, providing users with an immersive digital experience.

Base Design’s impactful branding work has earned them the title of Agency of the Year, solidifying their position as leaders in the industry. Their ability to create design identities that resonate with audiences and transcend time is a testament to their unrivaled creativity and commitment to excellence.

Ferrofluid Type: A Moving Visual Concept by Rozi Zhu

Ferrofluid Type, created by Rozi Zhu, was recognized at the PRINT Awards as a particularly captivating and innovative design concept. Ferrofluid is a liquid that becomes highly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. Zhu’s project utilizes Arduino boards, electromagnets, relays, and a glass container of ferrofluid to create a dynamic display interface. The letters and motions of the typography are controlled through code and physical computation, resulting in a visually stunning and constantly changing design. This project was chosen for its combination of technical proficiency and mesmerizing visual impact, showcasing the power of design to push boundaries and explore new possibilities.

All Vote No Play: Empowering Student-Athletes for Civic Engagement

All Vote No Play is a visionary movement that aims to empower student-athletes to actively participate in civic activities and exercise their right to vote. It all began with a tweet by former Georgia Tech Men’s Basketball Associate Head Coach Eric Reveno, and it quickly gained momentum and widespread support from coaches and student-athletes across the United States.

This political initiative partnered with the NCAA to designate Election Day as a dedicated day for civic engagement, encouraging student-athletes to get involved in the democratic process. All Vote No Play also provided valuable resources and support to promote non-partisan civic programs, ensuring that student-athletes could engage in informed and meaningful ways.

The non-partisan branding of All Vote No Play is specifically designed to resonate with college-age audiences. Drawing inspiration from the dynamic world of college athletics, protest posters that inspire change, and the vibrant culture of online GIFs, the branding embodies a sense of urgency and movement. It highlights the shared space and importance of both sports and civic engagement, inspiring student-athletes to make their voices heard.

Key Features of All Vote No Play:

  • Promotes civic engagement among student-athletes
  • Partnership with the NCAA to establish Election Day as a day for civic activities
  • Provides resources and support for non-partisan civic programs
  • Innovative branding resonating with college-age audiences
  • Inspires student-athletes to actively participate in the democratic process


“All Vote No Play encourages student-athletes to not only excel in their respective sports but also make a profound impact beyond the field or court. By empowering them to engage in civic activities and exercise their right to vote, we are fostering a generation of athlete activists who strive to create positive change in the world.” – Eric Reveno, Former Georgia Tech Men’s Basketball Associate Head Coach

All Vote No Play continues to serve as an inspiring platform, empowering student-athletes in their civic endeavors. By encouraging their active involvement in the democratic process, this movement contributes to creating informed, engaged, and responsible citizens who are committed to shaping a better future for themselves and their communities.

Claim Every Voice: A Typographic Exploration by Meaghan Dee

Claim Every Voice, created by Meaghan Dee, is a captivating typographic project that delves into the profound influence of words and language on our perceptions. This innovative exploration originated from a Wordle session and transformed into a visually striking representation of how language shapes our thoughts and actions.

The typography in Claim Every Voice is both bold and expressive, emphasizing the significance of utilizing our voices to effect positive change. Through this project, Meaghan Dee aims to inspire self-reflection and foster social commentary. The design commands visual impact, serving as a potent reminder of the transformative power inherent in words.

Emphasizing the role of language in shaping our perspectives, Claim Every Voice prompts viewers to critically examine the words we consume and propagate. By encouraging conscious engagement with language, Meaghan Dee seeks to ignite meaningful conversations and create a deeper understanding of societal narratives.

This typographic project challenges us to reflect on the way we communicate, fostering a heightened awareness of the intentions, implications, and potential consequences of our words.

Claim Every Voice serves as a visual testament to the transformative power of typography in provoking thought and inspiring social consciousness. By utilizing bold design elements and thought-provoking messages, Meaghan Dee elevates the typographic medium to an art form that seeks to amplify diverse voices and encourage meaningful dialogue.

Typography as a Catalyst for Social Change

The visually impactful typography in Claim Every Voice sparks conversations and commands attention, enabling viewers to engage with poignant messages and see the potential for personal growth and societal progress. By carefully selecting fonts, spacing, and layout, Meaghan Dee has created a design that invites contemplation and encourages individuals to claim their voice in advocating for positive change.

Highlighting the Power of Social Commentary

Claim Every Voice does more than simply present aesthetically pleasing typography; it acts as a catalyst for social commentary. Through the intentional selection of words and phrases, Meaghan Dee invites viewers to critically analyze societal issues and question the prevailing narratives. The project serves as a powerful reminder that typography can be a medium for expressing dissent, challenging norms, and advocating for justice.

The Enduring Legacy of Claim Every Voice

Claim Every Voice continues to resonate with audiences, leaving a lasting impact on those who engage with its powerful typography. Meaghan Dee’s typographic exploration serves as an inspiration for designers and artists alike, reminding them of the role they can play in contributing to meaningful conversations and effecting positive change through their craft.

Claim Every Voice is a testament to the profound influence of typography and its capacity to provoke thought, inspire action, and shape the world around us. Through visually impactful design and thought-provoking messages, Meaghan Dee challenges us to claim our voices and use them to advance social progress and foster a more inclusive society.


The world of design is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of innovation. With the widespread adoption of 3D printing technology, we have witnessed its profound impact across various industries. Competitions such as the Forward AM Innovation Awards have magnified the groundbreaking applications of 3D printing, showcasing the endless possibilities it offers to revolutionize fields like medicine, manufacturing, and architecture.

The A’ Design Award celebrates design excellence across disciplines, providing a platform for international recognition. Winners of this prestigious award showcase their design prowess and bring forth ideas that challenge the status quo. The PRINT Awards, on the other hand, honor projects like DLR Group’s North Kansas City Early Education Center and Base Design’s impactful branding, highlighting the transformative power of design in shaping spaces and creating meaningful brand identities.

Projects like Ferrofluid Type, All Vote No Play, and Claim Every Voice demonstrate how design can capture attention, inspire change, and convey powerful messages. Ferrofluid Type’s dynamic typography mesmerizes viewers, while All Vote No Play’s non-partisan branding empowers student-athletes for civic engagement. Claim Every Voice uses typographic design to provoke social commentary. These projects exemplify the innovative and impactful branding that defines the creative industry.

From design excellence to the impact of 3D printing and innovative branding, these awards celebrate not only the remarkable designs but also the designers behind them. Their contributions to the creative industry continue to shape and influence the way we perceive and interact with the world around us.


What are 3D printing contests and awards?

3D printing contests and awards are competitions that recognize and celebrate the most innovative and groundbreaking uses of 3D printing technology in various industries.

What is the Forward AM Innovation Awards?

The Forward AM Innovation Awards is a global competition that brings together finalists from different industries to showcase their 3D printed products and innovations.

How is 3D printing transforming education?

3D printing is being recognized as a valuable teaching tool and is being incorporated into classrooms to enhance learning and engagement, particularly in subjects like Math, Science, and History.

What is the A’ Design Award?

The A’ Design Award is an international competition that recognizes and promotes design excellence across various disciplines, providing winners with worldwide recognition and international publicity.

What is the Best in Show award at the PRINT Awards?

The Best in Show award at the PRINT Awards is given to outstanding projects that exemplify innovative design concepts, such as DLR Group’s North Kansas City Early Education Center.

Who is Base Design?

Base Design is an international network of creative studios specializing in branding and communications, recognized as the Agency of the Year at the PRINT Awards.

What is Ferrofluid Type?

Ferrofluid Type is an innovative design concept created by Rozi Zhu that utilizes magnets and a liquid called ferrofluid to create a dynamic display interface.

What is All Vote No Play?

All Vote No Play is a movement that empowers student-athletes to engage in civic activities and voting, encouraging non-partisan civic programs.

What is Claim Every Voice?

Claim Every Voice is a typographic project created by Meaghan Dee that explores the power of words and language in shaping perspectives and promoting social commentary.

What does the conclusion address?

The conclusion provides a summary of the impact of 3D printing competitions and design awards, showcasing the significance of design excellence and the transformative power of innovative branding.

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